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Oct 24, 2012 12:00pm EDT
at the aiort. going toom our area san francisco will be held up. 79 degrees by 6:00. we will have the latest on hurricane center in how that influence our weather later. thanks so much. ennedy cousin michael jaeckel been denied parole after he proclaimed innocence and his first hearing. convicted 10 years ago of neighbor with a golf club. that is when both of them were 15 years old. he was sentenced to 20 years to .ife is the son of ethel kennedy. there were new details on the deadly attack in benghazi. an islamic militant group was responsibility but the w calls that part conflicting reports that leftattack crustaceans and two other americans dead. -- ambassador chris stevens and two other americans dead. flying in theg has people stopping and staring. we will hear the first time the man who he evaded a multi million dollar airport security system by accident. up and here isng security system by accident. up [ minto ] you know, those ads saying mitt romney would ban all abortions and contraception seemed a bit extreme. so i looked into it. turns out, romney doesn't oppose contraception at a
Oct 16, 2012 12:00pm EDT
. our arrival delays in san francisco. everything else looks great at this time. warmer in minneapolis and it is here at this time. your express forecast, mostly sunny and 66 at 5:00. tomorrow morning chilly at 48 degrees. seven-day forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> secretary of state hillary clinton not taking responsibility for the security at the u.s. embassy in the be at the date ambassador chris stevens was killed in an attack. the admission comes amidst growing pressure for the white house to respond with force to the attack. >> secretary of state hillary clinton is taking ownership for the security failures at the consulate in libya that left ambassador chris stevens and three other americans dead. she told cnn ensuring the safety of u.s. diplomatic staff overseas is her job, not the white house. >> i take responsibility. i am in charge of the state department, 60,000 + people all over the world. the president and vice president certainly would not be knowledgeable about specific decisions that are made by security professionals. >> congress heard testimony last week t
Oct 18, 2012 12:00pm EDT
are not in san francisco, we can still have an earthquake. >> earthquake experts from the usgs and fema are showing students at langston hughes middle school and what to do. >> get under something when you feel shaking. whether it's a desk or table or sofa. protect your head. >> millions have participated since 2008. last year to earthquake in virginia was a recent reminder that we all need to be prepared. >> cover your eyes. >> the ground on the east coast is more stable than that of the west coast, so earthquakes here can be more broad. >> there are faults in the crust. >> last time in virginia, schools were on summer break. there is the potential of another 5.8 quake in this area, if not greater. live in reston, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> one man in a hospital after an accident between a motorcycle and a van in the 1000 block of wilson boulevard this morning in rosslyn. they collided at the entrance to a parking garage. the motorcycle driver was taken to hospital. is injuries are non-life- threatening. >> the defense could rest as soon as today in the trial of two police officers
Oct 22, 2012 12:00pm EDT
to replace injured fred davis. the san francisco giants won game 6 last night to force game 7 tonight. still ahead, a final look at the forecast. ike leggett: gaming generated one hundred and eighty... million dollars for maryland schools. question seven will double it. rushern baker: question seven will add table games and... a new casino, generating millions of dollars... every year, without raising taxes. leggett: and audits will ensure the money goes... where it's supposed to. more jobs, and millions for schools. baker: question seven will be good for our kids... our teachers, and our schools. legget keep maryland money in marymand. baker: please vote for question seven. leggett: vote for question seven. >> a two-story house in poland of attention for an unusual design. there it is in the middle of your screen. widest point of the house 150 centimeters, just under 5 feet wide. visitors toward the building over the weekend. not for me. art work? not unless it is global. >> where do you put the tv? it is not going to work that well. interesting design, though. we have a nice week shake up
Oct 23, 2012 12:00pm EDT
. in san francisco on the west coast. tropics ink at the forecast ahead. >> there's a town hall plan how to keep ak at parkway fromy becoming a contest in nightmare. s heavy traffic, but no major delays. fairfax county leaders say bet's how they wanted to every day. at 7:00 and james robertson secondary school in .airfax tonight a crash injured a child and a morning commuting mass in loudoun county. you can see the video. leesburg wasd in in both directions vehicle crash two- which happens after 8:00. adults and a 3-year-old were the hospital. their injuries are not life- threatening. if you see a police presence in arlington today, a law exercisest training place on no. 26 st. from now until 3:00 this afternoon. st.orth 26th officers will use paint ball guns and flash grenades during exercise. you might hear and see a lot of drill. but it's just a an unusual scene with an even unusual story. this was a suspected burglar. police in albuquerque arrived to him.t one of the intended targets breaking into his car, chased him down, and then sat on him until police arrived. no serious injuries
Oct 31, 2012 12:00pm EDT
in san francisco. high temperature of 49 in chicago today. degrees for us this afternoon right now with maybe a shower. pretty good overall for the trick-or-treaters. >> even if your property goes keep ourcan still watch a team with you, -- our mobileipl app. clerk six days until the onction, things heating up the campaign trail. obama now says he will return to campaigning tomorrow in wisconsin, nevada, and colorado. already back to try voters.ver a rally just wrapping up in tampa with jeb bush and marco rubio. vice president joe biden will in floridaearance while madeleine albright makes campaign stops on the president's behalf today in virginia. coming up on abc 7 news at after 18,000 flights were storm,d because of the idea whening an will finallyelers get home. >> pipe bombs on least on a northern kaduna community. what police are saying. -- a northern virginia community. traffic snarled and sandy turns deadly. traffic snarled and sandy turn[ minto ] you know, those ads saying mitt romney would ban all abortions and contraception seemed a bit extreme. so i looked into it. tur
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6